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Miniature Eye Collaboration with Sarah Miller


The Miniature Eye pendant is a limited edition collaboration between ACFJ and Sarah Miller Art. This is the perfect match between fine art and fine jewelry on a bespoke piece of jewelry.

There is nothing more personal, or customized than having the eye of a loved one painted in gouache by the talented Sarah. You will be able to wear it as a pendant around the neck or on a charm bracelet around your wrist. The pendant is sold by itself, and if you don't own a chain to go with it we offer you the option to buy one separately.

For the eye painting:

- You can commission a painted eye of a person (a partner, parent, grandparent, child, sibling or dear friend) or of a pet. Sarah Miller will paint it in gouache, on 100% cotton paper 640 gsm.

For the pendant:

- you can choose the type of metal you wish to create your pendant in (10K, 14K and 18K gold) and the color of your metal (yellow, rose or white gold). For help on understanding the differences in metal karats and colors you can read more about it here: 


- You have the option to engrave the back of the pendant. Given the small size of the piece we suggest a sentimental date, the initials, name or nickname of the person or pet, or just a small meaningful word. 

This pendant comes with a certificate of authenticity, signed both by Sarah Miller Art and Ana Cavalheiro Fine Jewelry, with the number of the editon and the date of purchase. It also comes with written care instructions and with a jewelry polishing cloth as a gift, as your pendant is not waterproof and should never be cleaned using liquid solutions to avoid damage to the painting inside.

Next steps:

- After you added the pendant to the cart and are checking out you can add on the notes what you wish to engrave in the back of the pendant. After you placed your order, we will be in touch very shortly to request a photograph of the person or pet you wish to have the eye painted. We will also reconfirm the date or words to engrave in the back of the pendant.

For the photograph we suggest that you select a portrait style photo, with enough resolution that we can increase it / zoom in and not loose any quality on the characteristics of the eye. A DSLR high resolution photo, or a high quality iPhone/android photo are suggested.

As the pendant is custom made for each client and the eye is custom painted, your special miniature eye should be with you within 4 to 6 weeks. We will do our very best to have it ready before the holidays. 

Pendant Size: 

- The bezel: 15 x 15mm (5/8" x 5/8")

- the pendant: 25.4mm x 30mm (1" x 1 1/8")


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