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Studio updates on Covid-19

June 3rd, 2020

Slowly things are getting back to normal. My casters are back to their almost full speed as well as most of my gem dealers. There are still some delays on getting gemstones but compared to a month ago this is almost perfect.

LA and NYC are still experiencing delays as both jewelry districts open for a few hours a day and it's difficult for these businesses to expedite all the orders they have in so few hours a day and with limited employees.

Regarding appointments, I'm still doing appointments online, as I did before the Covid-19 quarantine. We can meet via FaceTime, Skype, zoom or WhatsApp. It's really up to what you prefer, I can do them all 😉.

I'm not receiving clients in the studio yet but I'm happy to send more photos, videos or do a video call with you if you want to see more of any piece.

May 5th, 2020

Excellent news! 2 of my casters have now opened and some of my metal suppliers and gemstone dealers are slowly reopening for orders.
Things will still get time to order and be shipped back but there is some light in the end of the tunnel. Basically what I mean is that I can resume working on custom orders and bringing some new normality to the studio.

Unfortunately my suppliers in NYC and LA are still closed and honestly, I want them to be safe above all things. If it's up to me and my clients we will give them business back when it's safe for them to come back to work ❤️

April 10th, 2020

In a global effort to flatten the curve of the pandemic a lot of states in the US have issued a stay at home order. Just like many of you, this means that now we’re all working from home.

I’m lucky to have my benches and tools and be able to keep working on some projects, but unfortunately all of my suppliers are closed across the country. My casters, my engravers, my metal suppliers. So for the time being everything is on hold and I work on what I can advance on.

i’m taking the time to redo some much needed things on the site, work on projects that have been in the back of my mind for a long time, honing my stone setting skills. I even restarted painting again, more as a therapeutic thing than a hobby.