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Jewelry Care Instructions


While the jewelry’s on you, it is subject to tarnish by the acidity of your skin, as well by your perfume, moisturizer, makeup, hair spray, and other beauty products. Even the fluoride content in the water interacts with the metals whenever you freshen up. Doing sports, sleeping, showering orgardening with your jewelry also helps to add grease and dirt under the gemstones and tarnish/scratch the metal.


All of these events trigger chemical reactions in the jewelry’s metal and provoke what is commonly known as oxidization.


Here are a few simple steps that can help you prolong the life and appearance of your jewelry:

  •  When your jewelry is dampened by perspiration or perfume simply wipe the item gently with a soft muslin cloth.

  •  In general it’s safe to use lukewarm plain water to clean most jewelry. However, certain gemstones like opals, pearls, turquoise, amber, coral, emerald, jade, kunzite andlapis lazuli are porous by nature and should avoid long “baths” immersed (otherwise discoloration or loss of luster and resistance may occur).

  • Use an old toothbrush with lukewarm water and ph neutral soap to scrub the dirt and grease away under the gemstones. Dry it with a clean cloth to avoid stains.

  • Once in a while have your jewelry cleaned with a professional cleaning product. Pay careful attention to the manufacturer’s instructions and remember those gemstones that cannot be immersed in these solutions (or water).

  • Some local jewelry stores offer complimentary cleaning services, so check with them to see if you can have your jewelry re-polished and professionally cleaned.

  • Store jewelry separately so it will not scratch other jewelry. Simple things like closing the clasp of the necklaces keeps them detangled. Organize the jewelry by items (rings with rings, necklaces with necklaces, etc.

  • Have your pearls restrung every couple of years because the silk cord can eventually wear out .

  • Store your cultured pearls in a special chamois pouch because of their softness. Avoid storing them in plastic bags; it takes away the natural air moisture that helps them keep their luster.

  • Some stores carry an anti-tarnish paper that you can put in your jewelry cases to help delay the oxidization of silver and white gold.