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Sarah Miller Art

Miniature Eye Portrait Collaboration  

A limited edition collaboration of fine art with fine jewelry.

This is the opportunity to commission a miniature Eye portrait painted by Sarah Miller Art and set in a gold pendant with a portrait cut quartz by ACFJ. There is the option of engraving the back of the pendant with a date or the initials of your loved one.

Lover's eye gold pendant
Lover's eye gold pendant white gold

The lack of any depiction or further details of the face of the subject serves to envelop the eye portrait with a great degree of anonymity.  Gazing directly at the viewer the eye is quite an intimate piece for the wearer and therefore something very close to its heart.

During 2020 we all had to adjust to a new world that is living under a global pandemic. We quarantined and stopped seeing our families and friends in order to curb the spread of the virus. We faced uncertainty, fear of loosing someone close to us and separation from our loved ones. 


This got me thinking about creating something that would keep those we love close to us. I wanted a special and intimate piece of jewelry that you could wear close to your heart. That’s when the Lover’s Eye came to mind - what’s more personal than a custom painted eye of your loved one that is set in a gold pendant with a gorgeous portrait cut crystal to protect it?


I immediately thought of Sarah Miller Art. Not only is she an extremely talented artist but her attention to detail is exquisite.

Eye Miniatures” or “Lovers’ Eyes” were Georgian miniatures that depictedthe eye of a loved one, a spouse or partner, a child or a beloved pet.


These miniatures were usually commissioned for sentimental reasons: love,romance, remembrance and mourning. As photographs were non existent inthe late 1700s these paintings became an attempt to carry those you love close to you.


Eye miniatures were usually worn on the wrist or close to the heart as it created a tactile connection between the owner’s body and the person depicted in the portrait - a special connection between subject and wearer.


The eyes, one of the oldest symbols known to men, were supposed to reflect a person’t most intimate thoughts and feelings. During Georgian times the eye miniatures became an attempt to capture “the window into the soul” of the beloved.

Sarah Miller Art


Sarah is a fine artist, based in Charlottesville, Virginia. I've been an admirer of her work for a long time and have the pleasure to own many paintings that I've commissioned her over the last years. Her talent in capturing the essence of a person in a portrait is sublime, so there was no doubt in my mind that she would be the perfect match for this project.

You can find more about her here:

lover's eye gold pendant

You can commission the portrait of a person or of a pet, like seen above.

You will have the option to choose between 3 types of gold (10k, 14k and 18K) and 3 colors (yellow, rose and white gold)

Lover's eye miniature in rose gold

How to
commission your
Miniature Eye Pendant?

The first decision is to select who do you wish to paint? The eye portrait to be commissioned can be of a parent, grandparent, partner, child, sibling, dear friend or a beloved pet.  


Once the biggest decision is made, move on to decide on which metal you want your pendant to be set:

- 10K, 14K or 18K gold;

and which metal color:

- yellow, rose or white gold.


There is the option of engraving some words or dates in the back of the pendant. Examples of things engrave are:

- a sentimental date, the initials, name or nickname of the person or pet, or a special, meaningful word.


And finally, once your order is placed I will reach out so that you will send us the photo of the person/pet you want the eye painted and what to engrave in the back of the pendant.


The photos will need to have good resolution and no blur so that Sarah can enlarge it and still have quality to paint all the characteristics of the eye.

Dslr photos and high resolution iPhone/android photos are preferred.