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Starburst small necklace

A shapes like a long pebble with rain drops and the reflection of polished silver.  These are jewels created to celebrate the union of body with fluidity and light, just like in a dialogue between hearts and minds. These pieces are solid, their contours random and the sapphires seem to float on the metal. 

Organic shapes and magical light are captured in bright, loud colors. Bold organic designs finished with a matte or satin finish

Together, they create a sprinkle of stars: the starburst effect.


De-ox Sterling silver pendant, polished finish. 

Sterling silver chain, adjustable to 14", 16" and 18" length.

Dimensions: 7/8" x 6/8"x 1/8" (22mm x 18mm x 3.5mm)


Each necklace is made to order and takes approximately 2-3 weeks to ship.


These are bold designs, with organic shapes and a play of color. It reflects reason, sensuality and fluidity. Modern designs with timeless appeal.