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Salt/Spice Spoons

These little shovels made in brass are actually the cutest salt/spice spoons .

Indispensable at a table where salt is welcome in a dish or you need more salt in your meal. Or just forget all about the salt and use them as a spice spoon (hello chai latte making). Or - even better - at measuring your matcha tea (as it measures perfectly the amount of matcha needed for a cup).

It's also ok to get them if you just like small shiny objects or suddenly have an urge to collect spoons. They are also a great gift for the food blogger friend/sister/partner or (let's admit it) for your cute instagram photos that need a cute spoon.

They are handmade (not casted) in brass and the tip of the handle has a small carving detail.

And if you order more than one it usually comes with a small surprise gift! A small wooden recipient to put you salt (or special spices) inside! The perfect addition to a very cool table.

 If out of stock, you can still order, just give me 1-2 weeks to be fabricated and shipped.


Material: Brass

Dimensions: 2"



Care: These spoons are fabricated and hand polished. To clean them just wash them in tepid water with dish soap. DO NOT put them in the dishwasher or you will be very sad... 

If you use them a lot they will keep their polish but if they start to tarnish, which is a natural process, just use a scrub sponge. It will give the metal a satin finish and it will take the oxidization color away.