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Romanesque Band Gold

Yellow gold
Rose gold
White gold

This ring holds a special place in my heart. It was the very first ring I ever casted in  gold. It became the beginning of my first collection and probably of my jewelry career. As proof that it's a ring will never fall out of style and that hopefully will become a family heirloom, this continues to be one of my best selling rings.

I draw the inspiration for this ring from the Jeronimos Monument in Lisbon, Portugal (my hometown). The pattern on the band represents one of the floral romantic patterns found in the columns of the monastery. These patterns were all carved in stone by hand during the 16th century. 

This is a large band, that has a considerate weight and presence to it. Because of the designs around the band, each ring is handmade (not molded) and cannot be resized.

Even thought it is a large band, the inside of the band is hollow so it is easy to slid on your finger and it fits very comfortably. Choose your regular size.

Each ring is made to order and takes approximately 2-3 weeks to ship.


Ring can be ordered in 18K yellow, rose and white gold or in 14K yellow, rose and white gold.

Band width: 30mm (almost 1")