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Open solitaire diamond ring

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This is a solitaire ring in gold but with a little bit of edginess with it's openness and pointed shank - it almost feels like a semicolon :)

On one side you have a 0.53 ct icy diamond and on the other a pointy dash. This ring is made in 14K yellow gold and the bezel setting and the open ring make for a very comfortable wear.

This is a natural Canadian Diamond that comes with a certificate of origin and is laser inscribed in the girdle with the certificate number and a maple leaf.

Icy Diamonds are 100 % natural diamonds, just like white or salt and pepper diamonds. This one is called icy because it's cloudy and powdery white due to impurities. 


14k yellow gold,

0.34 ct round brilliant cut icy diamond (4.54x4.48x2.61mmmm) that comes with a certificate of Canadian origin and is engraved in the girdle with a serial number.

One of a kind ring

SIZE: 6 1/2