Open solitaire diamond ring

This is a solitaire open gold ring. On one side you have a 0.53 ct icy diamond and on the other a pointy dash. It makes it look like a dot and dash 14K yellow gold band set with a 0.53 ct round brilliant diamond on a bezel set.

This is a natural Canadian Diamond that comes with a certificate of origin and is laser inscribed in the girdle with the certificate number and a maple leaf.

Icy Diamonds are 100 % natural diamonds, just like white or salt and pepper diamonds. This one is called icy because it's cloudy and powdery white due to impurities. This is a round brilliant cut and it gives you the feel of the old diamond cuts or victorian jewelry but in a modern setting.Materials:

14k yellow gold, 0.34 ct round brilliant cut icy diamond (4.54x4.48x2.61mmmm)


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