January 08, 2018



The beginning of 2018 marks 10 years that I have my jewelry business.

A decade. 10 years. How did I get here?


I started in 2008, the worst year possible to start any kind of business. Named as the ‘great depression” of the years 2000, I started this business by wholesaling to jewelry stores and galleries. The next obvious step was to do a jewelry tradeshow, which I did. One show led to another and then I was doing 2 to 3 tradeshows a year, some local retail shows and selling to friends of friends and people that came to me by word of mouth.

Halfway into this decade I realized that I was missing something. I didn’t know my client that well. Sure, I sold my collections and I did custom work for jewelry stores and their clients, but the store was always the intermediary and I never got to see the client’s reaction when they received their jewelry. So I decided to make some changes, that coincided with some life changes as well and I started doing almost only custom work for happy clients that wanted their dream piece brought to life.

But that still left an empty space in my book…sure, I love to make your idea come to life, but I also love to sit down with a gemstone at the workbench and see where the inspiration takes me. So I decided to also create one of a kind pieces, where I follow my vision and intuition and create an individual piece.

New Brand Identity

Starting the new decade with new objectives meant that I needed to shake things off, and I thought that my brand needed some refereshing as well.

The whole idea was to make the brand modern, lighter and have some variation of logos that I can use on the website, on packaging and on social media. There are also new colors, typefaces, packaging paper and a smart, acessible image. Here's the results, hope you like it!

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