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ACFJ interview with BeJeweled Magazine

Some time back in February I reconnected with Beth Bernstein, a jewelry editor that I met during my times of wholesaling and doing trade shows. After a brief catching up and realizing that 10 years have passed since we first met and how much my business changed Beth decided to do a write up about these changes.

We caught online with an interview about how my business changed from wholesaling to One of a kind pieces and how did this process came into being.

Read the whole interview at her website and see some snippets here!


-What was your original aesthetic and how has it changed

“I’ve always had a love affair with big colored gemstones and 18K yellow gold. Many of my designs  were a modern day take on Romanesque and classical designs. Over the years I began to create pieces that were simpler, streamlined and less busy. Additionally, I strived to include details from what I thought would reflect the lifestyles of women today while pursuing my own aesthetic. My brand was well received by retailers, but I had many requests for one-of-a-kind pieces based on my original designs and/or changes in those designs to be more suited to the customer’s personal styles.”


-it must be so fulfilling to work on a one-to-one basis after starting out as a wholesale business and having little contact with the customer? Can you tell us how that feels?

“That is what this business is all about for me! While in the process of discussing the client’s ideas for their jewelry I get to know a lot about them. My trademark is to include personal, hidden details into the pieces that only the wearer will know about. So, we talk a lot about their lives and I learn details that sometimes nobody else knows about. We usually joke and say that I’m like a priest in confession or a lawyer: whatever you tell me is under client privilege. And most of the times we will become friends and I get to know the rest of the family, pets included (we sometimes have play dates with our dogs). It is an honor to be part of such intimate moments in people’s lives: marriage, childbirths and anniversaries. I get to see sweet tender moments and tears of joy, what else could I ask for in a job?”



You can read the whole interview and see more photos at Beth's site