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Snake Solitaire gold ring

This is a solitaire gold ring sided by two snake heads. Made in 14K yellow gold band with a 0.34 ct salt and pepper diamond bezel set.

Snakes are one of the oldest and most widespread mythological symbols acrross civilizations and times. Throughout history the symbol of the snake has been associated with many meanings. They were reviled for their ability to shed their skin, meaning that they were seen as a symbol of mortality, regeneration and rebirth. When presented intertwined they were considered an amulet. 

This is a natural Canadian Diamond that comes with a certificate of origin and is laser inscribed in the girdle with the certificate number and a maple leaf.

Salt and pepper are 100 % natural diamonds, just like white or colored diamonds. This one is called salt and pepper because the inclusions make for a grey and black color, giving reflections of white and grey. This is a round brilliant cut and it gives you the feel of the old diamond cuts or victorian jewelry but in a modern setting.


14k yellow gold,

0.34 ct round brilliant cut icy diamond (4.54x4.48x2.61mmmm)

2 round 2mm white diamonds

SIZE: 6 3/4

One of a Kind ring