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Napkin Rings


These modern, sleek napkin rings are the super chic addition to your table. Even thought you want to use them as a bracelet, they are simple, modern and intemporal, the perfect accessory to make your table refined and show your good taste!

They are handmade (not casted) in brass.

They are sold in sets of 2, because good things come in pairs!

If out of stock, you can still order, just give me 1-2 weeks for me to fabricate and to ship them.


Material: Brass



Care: These napkin rings are fabricated and hand polished. To clean them just wash them in tepid water with dish soap.

DO NOT put them in the dishwasher or you will be very sad... 

If you use them a lot they will keep their polish but if they start to tarnish, which is a natural process, just use a scrub sponge. It will give the metal a satin finish and it will take the oxidization color away.