Coffee Spoons

Who doesn't want a tiny hexagon spoon to mix the sugar, milk or just have fun seeing the coffee foam dissipate as you mix?

These coffee spoons are the cutest auxiliary tool to make your coffee (or tea) taste even better just because they're so pretty and the head is just a small little hexagon.

Also, they are also perfect to measure your matcha as a filled spoon with 2/3 cup of water will be the perfect matcha cup (sorry, matcha tea not included...)

It's also ok to get them if you just like small shiny objects or suddenly have an urge to collect spoons. They are also a great gift for the food obsessed friend, the blogger or the coffee obsessed partner that has to have the perfect accessory in the art of coffee making.

They are handmade (not casted) in brass and the tip of the handle has three carving details.

If out of stock, you can still order, just give me 1-2 weeks for me to fabricate and to ship them.


Material: Brass

Dimensions: 3 1/2"



Care: These spoons are fabricated and hand polished. To clean them just wash them in tepid water with dish soap.

DO NOT put them in the dishwasher or you will be very sad... 

If you use them a lot they will keep their polish but if they start to tarnish, which is a natural process, just use a scrub sponge. It will give the metal a satin finish and it will take the oxidization color away.


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