Ametrine Marquise Ring in gold

This ametrine marquise ring is a show stopper with its simplicity. With a 4.3 ct ametrine set with prongs, the yellow gold brings the yellow in the stone and mixes beautifully with the purple.

Ametrine is this wonderful natural creation where the citrine and amethyst crystals mix in nature while developing. It has the hint of the yellow and the purple of both gemstones and depending on the way it is cut it can have more prevalence from one color or the other.

In this ring, we have a beautiful marquise cut ametrine that shows a nice mix of the yellow mixed with the purple giving it a nice rose color. This is a solitaire setting, perfect to wear alone or stack with another ring.

It would also be a fun bridal alternative or just your birthstone ring.



14K yellow gold, round band 2mm wide

4.3 ct ametrine, 16x8mm in size, set in wire basket with 4 prongs.



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