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Dream rose cut diamond band

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A lot of sparkle in this rose cut white diamond ring. Featuring a gorgeous oval white rose cut diamond as center stone and surrounded by 6 smaller round white rose cut diamonds. A beautiful one of a kind ring.

This would be the perfect engagement ring or wedding band if you're looking for a sparkling alternative. Or it can be the perfect gift to yourself. The setting lets the diamonds show their fire and because we're using rose cut diamonds the setting is low and very comfortable. 

It can be remade in different sizes.

Interesting Facts:

Rose cut diamonds are named after the rose flower, which they are said to resemble. With a flat base (where a round diamond’s pavilion would be) their crown is formed in a faceted dome resembling the shape of a rose bud. They're composed of triangular facets, usually 12 to 24, but can have anything between 3 and 24.

This cut dates back to the 1500s and was specially popular during the Georgian and Victorian eras, remaining in use until the 20th century. Nowadays this cut is found in antique jewelry and has seen a comeback as clients search for a more sustainable source of diamonds.



14K yellow gold, polished with half round shank

Approximately 0.88 cts of round rose cut white diamonds diamonds.

Center oval diamond is 0.34 cts and the supporting 6 white diamonds are 3.5 mm in diameter and weight 0.54 cts combined.

Can be resized upon a fee.


One of a Kind ring