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Covid 19

10April, 2020

An update on how the Covid-19 is affecting business

Today we find ourselves in unprecedented times. These are strange and challenging times for each individual and for businesses around the world. This is the first time we have a global pandemic of this magnitude in a world that has never been as connected as now.

In this incredible difficult time my heart goes out to everybody affected by this global pandemic. A special heartfelt thank you to all the first responders and medical staff that is on the front lines of the covid-19.

What is happening at ACFJ

In a global effort to flatten the curve of the pandemic a lot of states in the US have issued a stay at home order. Just like many of you, this means that now we’re all working from home.  

I’m lucky to have my benches and tools and be able to keep working on some projects, but unfortunately all of my suppliers are closed across the country. My casters, my engravers, my metal suppliers. So for the time being everything is on hold and I work on what I can advance on.

i’m taking the time to redo some much needed things on the site, work on projects that have been in the back of my mind for a long time, honing my stone setting skills. I even restarted painting again, more as a therapeutic thing than a hoody. 

What’s next?

Hopefully we will weather out this crisis. In the meantime there are some little things that we can do to help small businesses that build our community and make the places where we live better.

I’ll be back on this blog with actions that each and single one of us can do to help local businesses that need our help now.. Some of them require no money at all, just word of mouth and a positive attitude.

In the meantime keep safe, wash your hands and practice social distancing.