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by Ana Cavalheiro February 02, 2012

 Some months back I was reading the wallpaper magazine and found this interesting article about a photography book by Paul Barbera  that features spaces and studios where people create and work.

The book called "where they create" is a beautiful collection of intimate photos of artists and creative people studios from Acne fashion brand headquarters in Stockholm to the offices of wallpaper in London amongst many other interesting spaces.

Being a voyeur about workplaces I immediately pre-ordered the book.  It arrived and it went to my nightstand so I could read it that night. But unfortunately I never had time to read it.  Then I moved it to the studio imagining that one day when I would be bothered with work I would sit and read it. And so it stayed in the coffee table for another month.

Finally last Saturday, after closing the gallery I grabbed a cup of tea and curled up in the sofa with the book. I'm glad I did because it really pumped me up and motivated me to work more, because it's really, really interesting.

So alongside the photos of each studio/workplace featured there is also a small questionnaire that gives insight of how is the daily life on those places. Questions vary from "do you have a favorite corner", to "what do you do in the first few minutes you're in the building" or "what happens daily at a given time". And it's funny because almost everybody has a coffee in the morning when they arrive and then turn on the radio and start the day. Almost everybody said they could work anywhere in the world - the space in itself is not fundamental. And so funny because I was answering those questions myself and giving very similar answers (yep coffee in the morning, radio is on, no routine, yes there are a few favorite corners, can work anywhere as long as I have my jeweler's saw and bench pin,etc, etc, etc.)

I truly recommend the book and even if you don't buy it it's totally worth to check the photographer's blog.
actually the blog is even more interesting and there are even more photos in the blog than in the book!.

Check it out, totally worth it.


Ana Cavalheiro
Ana Cavalheiro


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