Be my valentine...for less than $250

by Ana Cavalheiro February 02, 2012

Valentine's Day is fun.


It's a fun day to receive (and give) flowers, go out for dinner or just splurge on the chocolates without any guilt.

And there's a budget for every Valentine out there. Some Valentine's propose on February 14th (big deal!), others just start their "special" friendship (is it gonna last?) and others just want a special gift that it's not a huge splurge (otherwise what will you give her for her birthday?)

So here's a small guide to Valentine's day below $250. Enjoy and shop online ( or locally if you're close to Charlottesville in beautiful Virginia.

1. Give her a pair of Earrings 

Labyrinth Earrings in sterling silver with a nice sparkling finish - $240

Flame Earrings in Sterling silver with different sizes and textures and combinations

 1. Flame Earrings, long, SS, with small metal beads - $160

 2. Flame Earrings, long, SS, satin finish - $160


3. Flame Earrings, small, SS, with small silver beads - $120

 4. Combination of small and long Flame earrings, SS - $250

Tradition Earrings in oxidized sterling silver with a white sapphire - $220

Japanese garden earrings in sterling silver - $ 240

2. Give her a Ring

No pierced earrings? No worries, give her a fun ring. One that she can stack and stack and stack and you'll have plenty of occasion to give her one more for her stacking collection!

 (still keep in mind that it would be so nice if you know her ring size)

1. Hearts Ring - 1 row - $150

Nothing more romantic than a ring with a row of hearts in silver and many different finishes as options (satin, pave finish, oxidized...)

2. Hearts Ring - 2 rows -$195

Better and even more romantic than having a ring with one row of hearts, is to have a ring with 2 rows of hearts!  That's double love!

3. Tradition Rings

in silver and in oxidized silver or just white silver with a sapphire! - $200


 4. Bead stackable rings

in silver, so comfortable, the shape is awesome and they look so good alone or together - $160

 5 - Romanesque rings

in silver with white sapphires. Give it in oxidized sterling silver or just in plain silver color - $190

 6. Wave Rings

a very modern ring with a stylish wave that follows the contours of the finger. Beautiful as a stand alone ring or stacked together - $180

No excuses not to give a very stylish piece of jewelry to your valentine (and the flowers, chocolate, dinner, etc). For the pieces not listed on the site just email me 'cause they are in stock in different sizes!

Now, don't forget to make those dinner reservations!

Ana Cavalheiro
Ana Cavalheiro


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