jewelry I always use

by Ana Cavalheiro September 23, 2011


Jewelry I always use

Many a lot of times people tell me how lucky I am to do jewelry 'cause I can wear everything I do. To which I usually answer:

1) Spot on the lucky part. I did not change my life to do something that I didn't love!

2) Half dead wrong. I do not get to wear all my jewelry...

True that I can wear necklaces and earrings, but not every cuff works for me (I have a V shaped arm - will explain another time) and my ring size is big. And you know me, I love rings so sometimes I do rings that I never get to wear 'cause their done for more standard sizes (sizes 6 and 7 I know you're reading!!)

So in terms of rings, here's what I wear that I never take out...

1) The Romanesque band in 18K yellow gold. This was the first ring that I casted in gold. You can always find it on my right hand thumb. Only comes out to sleep, to shower and when I go swimming. Almost lost it on a Air France flight from LA to Paris but my husband found it by chance in the back of the plane... wow!

2) The Arabian ring. At first I used this version all the time, I like the fact that you can open it a little bit and change it to the middle finger so that I can wear a 3 ring in the same hand. I gave my sister the gold and silver version but she liked this one so much that I ended up giving her mine as well  (people always tell my sister how lucky she is because I do jewelry...). I ended up using the silver non oxidized version with gold.

3) Straight Curves ring. I used to wear this ring everyday. So much that I almost killed it...same thing, I liked that the ring opened and I could swap the finger I was using it. I overdid it (for 2 years...) and he finally cracked...I repaired it but I moved to other rings...
4) Once in a while I rock the bouquet ring. Either the gold version with citrines or the new squared version in silver with rainbow moonstones. It's a big, bold, statement ring. Powerful, really. And never ever goes unnoticed ...

5) The stackable wave rings and the stackable romanesque rings. I like them 'cause they're modern and comfortable. I can wear 3 and I don't feel them because their shape follows the shape of my finger. Plus they're gorgeous and simple and straight to the point. And they look good together.

6) And finally, what I'm rocking right now: the dragon ring and the body armor ring. I liked them so much, they make me feel powerful and edgy and I can wear one in each hand. Awesome!

Next time I'll talk about earrings. Promise!

Ana Cavalheiro
Ana Cavalheiro


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Dolores Silva Baker
Dolores Silva Baker

April 10, 2014

Hi Ana,

I came by your shop yesterday and saw that you are now open by appointment only :(. Disappointed-but I understand. I go into C’ville twice a week; Tuesdays and Wednesdays to pick up my grandsons from school. Let me know in advance when you’ll be open and see if I can drop by for a visit. (Love the Arabian ring). Take care.


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